Final Fantasy
A Dream that will never come.....
Final Fantasy

Now yes I know only Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8 were on the playstation platform, but hey, give me some credit. If you have played any game of the series you'd fall in love with it too. =) It all started a few years ago when Mr. Hironobu Sakagushi thougt up of the first Final Fantasy. This paved the road for seven sequals, two chocobo games, final fantasy tactics, a movie in the making, and a rumored nineth in production. Of course you know what Final Fantasy 7 and 8 is about but what about the others? Well...this site is about all the others too! Enter and be prepared to have your senses overwhelmed! =)

Note: The introductions for every single Final Fantasy Main Page is taken from
which is a great site for info.

These are all I have so far, if you guys have anything on any final fantasy, please contact me!!
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